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tp readme. Draft.

#@title@# is a #@description@#. It can be distributed as this entire folder. Version: #@version@# Date: #@date@# License: #@license@# Copyright: #@copyright@# EMail: #@email@# WebSite: #@web_site@# F e a t u r e s a r e: ... there are no css files and no images used, all is dynamic ... no HTML5, no XHTML stuff ... HTML4 is sufficient ... JavaScript globals footprint is four: window.jQuery, window.$,$, window.cccc ... CSS footprint is zero except to CSS-ids: CSS-selector names use is minimal. They ends with _btp like: in ... id="javascript_warning_btb" ... ... some of subplugins like tp$.core or tp$.gui are really libraries and ... only one call$('select') is really jQuery modifier of a dom-element C O D I N G S T Y L E S y n t a x i f i e d C o m m e n t s Following conventions may apply 1. comments scope is defined like //. //: /// if control characters are omitted, scope is unspecified. Scope may be deducted or guessed from the content of comment; 2. a verb should be the first word of comment unless comment describes declaration of the variable; 3. comment should start on a new line unless comment describes data in function call or in block literal; // //\\ LOGICAL SECTION OF THE CODE. This line begins "LOGICAL SECTION". It has //\\ token. //. comments only the following line. in other words: scope of comment is the following line var me = is_commented; //: comments only the lines till the first empty line var first_continuos = 1; var second_continuos = 2; /// comments till the end of the nest. Nest can be if, function call, function definition, block literal. var some = 1; if( open_if ) { var beginning_of_the_nest = true; }else{ //:: comments block A till the end of indent var more_work = 3; var more_work = 3; // Text next to "//.." describes context of the section or current state of execution. // This may be necessary when section is too long: //.. //\\ LOGICAL SECTION var more_work = 3; var end_of_the_nest = true; // end of block A. This comment has unspecified scope. } /// comments till the end of the nest. Nest can be if, function call, function definition, block literal. var x = function () { return "job is done"; } // \\// LOGICAL SECTION OF THE CODE. This line actually terminates "LOGICAL SECTION". It has \\// token. //\\// COMMENTS THE REST OF ENTIRE FILE D o c u m e n t a t i o n a n c h o r s They are denoted with dot in the middle of "cap"-comment like this //.\\ XXXXX The same anchor must exist in documentation text. 1. It is a warning to a programmer who modifies anchored source code: changes in the code must be reflected in documentaion-anchor. Misleading outdated documentation is worse than lack of documentation. If this burden is too high, put //TODO\\ to make fix later. 2. HTML documentation is able to put link back to source code based on anchor. The depricated commenting style possibly is: // * for //. // ** for //: //' for //: //| for //:: P o s t f i x e s __eff - effective __own - own __cur - current F l a g s name_bflag, name_bf - this variable is used as a booleable flag, flag which is cast to true or false. name_flag - has specified values, like VALUE1, VALUE2, ... name_raised - flag with life-scope inside the loop T a b .. .. has 4 characters length. W o r k v a r i a b l e s Globals: jQuery, $, tp$; if debug.js is attached, then global w i n d o w .c c c c is added; c c c c is a shortcut for c o n s o l e . l o g Spaces are put here to avoid catching above lines by grep when checkig for stray c o n s o l e; Variables w, ww are reserved for short-living variables. The same way, variables beginning with w are shortcuts for short-livers. "Long living variables should not begin with "w". R e s t r i c t i o n s o n c o d i n g "length" is a "reserved" property. Nothing should be explicitly assigned to this property. It is used in arrays and as an indicator of object beeng an array. H I N T S U s a g e To learn or find file of specific feature, start from demos. D e m o s a r e located here. Chrome will possibly restrict them in local mode. P h i l o s o p h y. Project is based on jQuery, but it is always kept in mind the possibility to depart from jQ at first opportunity. jQ is important for binding to events and dom-manipulation. M a i n t e n a n c e Keep browser detection code updated in tp$.core. C r e d i t s Following development tools we found highly effective: FireBug in FireFox Ubuntu Linux 10.04 Meld 1.30 regexxer 0.9 gimp console grep Y o u a r e w e l c o m e