Readme is a framwork to play, autosolve, decorate own site with games and skins, craft board puzzles deriving from the root game Whirly. Gamion is a scenario used to script these puzzles. Gamions can be loaded and played in #@title@# or in any other capable player. Gamions can be pasted as text or loaded from internet links. Loading Games Puzzles for Kids Scores and Metrics Whirly and Sokoban Variants Developing Engine Project Files Why Puzzles Submit your comments, maps, scores, solutions, or games.

Decorating own site with games and skins

Some people decorated own sites with Wirly or with own skins or maps. Here are the examples: Simplest. Flat Widget. Own Dress. Skin Folder is Anywhere. Own Game. Own Game Alone. If instructions look difficult, read on "Loading Games" or "Crafting Games" sections.

Loading Games

U R L - q u e r y P a r a m e t e r s control execution of the player. For example: ...&aurl= - albums url, maps in target file are ignored ...&curl= - collection url, target intends to have maps ...&curl=//mycollection_path/mycollection.txt ...&akey=sokoban - album key ...&ckey=yes_this_is_my_collection_key - gamion key ...&mkey=yes_this_is_my_map_key ...&dkey=yes_this_is_my_dress_key ...&mix=345 - map index ...&cix=123 - gamion index. collection index. ...&asingle - suppresses display of other's albums except of &aurl ...&slim=300000 - positions' number limit for solver &aurl or &curl can be set independently: both or one of them. Game Crafters may want use these parameters to point to own sites. Example (June 20, 2013): (You probably need zoom out Ctr+- many times on this map.)

Solver ..

.. is breadth-first and weak. Its power depends on size of your computer memory. Solver memory limit is preset to slim=(300000 positions) for PC with 1 Gig memory. If your computer has less, solver may freeze your browser. If you computer has more, on your own risk, you may increase the limit to solve harder puzzles. For FireFox 11, Ubuntu, empirical values are: slim=300000 for 1 Gig, slim=4000000 for 3 Gig. (Ubuntu 10.04, FF 11, Boarspirator version: 1.200.) Examples of supplying slim in URL string: Do land to player URL, select game of your choice, and then run solver like this: #@AppRoot@#/?slim=1000000 or #@AppRoot@#/?akey=sokoban&slim=100000&map_ix=1 How to: Each map has own solver. They can run concurrently. (Not a good idea for performance.) You can start solver and go playing on another map. If you start solver and start playing the on the same map, your game will be overriden when solver finds solution. Overriding goes only to current round, other rounds of the same maps are intact. Solver starts from given position, not from initial position of the map. Initially, solver has two options "Search All" and "Search First". Usage: 1. To generate new game-scenario, run solver for co-game, find "longest" solution in terms of interactions or moves, then co-vert the scenario. 2. Solving in "reverse mode". It is indicated that some Sokoban and Colorban games are solved faster when solving in reverse mode which practically is: Description: Land to map, Convert map to co-map, guess in which closed area hero(s) must be and add them into map manually, confirm map, start solver. Actions: "Edit Co-Position", add heros manually, Ctr+d, Search/First. There are possible difficulties at the edge of Web-browser capabilities: Browsers die, quit, crash differently on different OSes. For example: Around version 1.163. In Windows 7, in FF 16, solver halts on 2046 Megs of mem. 32 bit limit? So, far the best combination we found is FF 11, on Ubuntu 10.04 on Acer laptop Aspire 5532. FF memory limits:

Puzzles possibly good for Kids

Possibly good maps for kids. Dec. 2013 Here are the examples ... games: Kids 6, Kids 6 CoColo, Kids 7... their scripts: Kids 6 Dress, Kids 6 Maps, Kids 6 CoColo Dress, Kids 6 CoColo Maps Kids 7 Dress. There are many challenges compare to mature age puzzles: the heros must have character and gameplay must be motivating and rewarding ... Craft your images, make maps you feel be entartaining for your child ... If you afraid to play on-line, once you dowloaded the player, disconnect from adult-Internet and continue playing ... Date: #@date@# Copyright: #@copyright@# EMail: #@email@#
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