In general, gamion contains definitions of games, albums, and maps' collection. In simple case, gamion is a Sokoban maps' collection. Gamion is a "collection-file" and is a main tool to script final games. Gamion can be self-sufficient: inside its file it can fully define a new subgame and its dress and bind its maps to these environments. Game is a set of rules to play. "Game" here means a puzzle-game. In context of #@title@#, Game is a mathematical definition. It contains breeds, rules, and ovbjective. It cannot be copyrighted, but credited. Album merges together all components of playgame. Album merges four things: game, dress, collection-references, and listing. Dress is how game looks and is interpreted in words. Dress includes images which are called "Skin". Listing specifies how to group albums in front-page-listing. Collection is a file containing maps. After merging, album displays itself as a listing on front-page. Game name often attached to album name. Traditionally dresses and maps can be copyrighted. Games can be derived from core-games or from external-games which are already derived from core-games. "Collection-references" can be references to gamions ( ... so "album-gamion" is a recursive structure ). This makes possible redressing and changing game-context for existing games and gamions. For example, one can land to Sokoban maps in Flocks context and apply Flock-rules to Sokoban maps. Date: #@date@# Copyright: #@copyright@# EMail: #@email@# Back to Readme Home
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