****************************************************************** In this forum, you can see the work of the community or publish your games, maps, solutions.

On side bar, you will find links to member's posts and games.

You can experiment with in sandbox before publishing.

You can use common media library to decorate your games, add your media items, or link to images elsewehere on Internet.

Games, albums, and maps are published via script. The "self-contained" fragment of the script called gamion. Gamion ranges from very simple script for beginners or mature Sokoban writers to more complex scripts defining Games and Albums.

The guides helping to write scripts are in progress, but, for specific games, you can see other scripts in "Edit Gamion" selection menu on gameboard page.

If you like to add the game or collection to core root site, you need to contact to site admin, Whid. Hints:

* When eiditing your gamion, work in "Text" mode WP dashboard Editor.

* WP text boxes are not the best place for editing ... use your favorite editor in text mode and when done, copy-paste into WP ...
* dress script sample

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