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Map Craft ..

.. is a simplest way to craft a Game. It does not require creating new rules or dresses. Just borrow already existing Games or dresses and apply them to your maps. This section contains examples of both mapifying and derivation. To get started, ignore derivation part of these gamions. &aurl and &curl can be full or relative urls: full url: &aurl= &curl= Sokoban map 123 from external collection relative url: relative url is attached to a "parent" by using prefix "//": &curl=//mycollection_path/mycollection.txt if albums is also supplied in form &aurl= then resulting curl will become: &curl= otherwise, result is an appending to player's url: &curl=#@AppRoot@#/mycollection_path/mycollection.txt If "//" used in maps, then relative url is attached to collection's root. You need to use collection file format. To get started, look at existing collections in def/albums or at links in page Whirly and Sokoban Variants. Examples: loading reverse Sokoban from external site, Sokoban map 123 from external collection More query samples. Collection file format.

Deriving from Whirly

E x a m p l e s Simplest gamion - "Experimental Game" and its play. Perhaps this game is boring. It omits some properties which you may like to assign to your own games. The original Sokoban credits are "leaked" through, because we did not assign our own. There is even no dress assigned from available core dresses, and description of new rules is not reworded. But this game is a "fist-class citizen" with other #@title@# games: it can be replayed, has solver, other maps can be landed on in context of this game. These short gamions are good when one wants to quickly test a new set of rules. Simple gamion and its play. This is the same "game" as above. This gamion has games, albums, and collection sections. In "albums" section, there is a description for new rules and objective. Credits added to collection and collection is pointed to defined album. Simple gamion with game and subgame and its play. There are two games in gamion. The first game is still the same as above. The second game is derived from the first with added twist: the frog leaps and pushes another frog if latter is on its way. The second game is dressed by using one of core dresses. There are also variations of dress for specific maps. Power JumpPush and its play. In this game, heros have a little more power, they can interact at most with two boxes. The "green" hero is special in this game, it can jump over blue boxes. This all is clearly set in gamion text. But, consequences are dramatic, this game is completely different than Colorban. GhostJump. Gamion contains album which refers to collection. Has more elaborated dress. "Jump" rule creates effect of going through units. Sandbox. Example, core games: definition seeds bundled with #@title@#. These game-properties may justify derivation (subclassing) a game: credits. Some Whirly parameters subclass to a game which is already invented and has a name. Example: Sokoban. dresses. Example. Rules of Subgame can be the same as of parent, but expected class of maps can be narrower and expect special dresses like Sokoban game expects monochrome maps. Solver simplilfications. - going to be implemented. Narrowed maps may allow simplifications of solver. (Like detecting dead locks in Sokoban maps.) interact and unconditional-behavior This is rules. Certainly, game must be subclassed if they must be changed. Repeatedly, rules is not a final judge to consider a separate game definition. This should be a topic of itself ... Deriving dresses: //.\\ collects 4 dresses from Unconditional-behavior is game.cols[cname].pass property. Its range is true or false. For example, it is true for targets by default. See examples or this scode. game.interact is interaction matrix. The range is these interactions. R e s t r i c t i o n s f o r C u s t o m - D e r i v e d G a m e s 1. Parent and child games must have: herd_sense = 0 DEEPNESS_LIMIT = 1 Subclassing to arbitrary DEEPNESS_LIMIT is safe only when interactions ( hero_..., box_... ) are push, leap, jump, and ( box_..., box_... ) are push. 2. Setting interaction matrix for new game must allow play-sessions which create postions non-violating this condition: "one_dynamic_unit_on_top : true" described here: //\\ APPLICATION ASSUMPTIONS However, core games or games in readme-examples must work unrestrictedly. In particular, this unfortunately means you cannot derive from Flocks or from Colortrain. These restriction cased by incomplete implementation of Whirly concept. More software development is required to implement concept in full.

Giving Credits

Games, Dresses, Collections, and Maps can have credits to others or yourself. Albums do not support credits. Collections and Games absorb credits from json-literal fields like credits.XXXXX Additionally, Collection absorb credits from jwon-header.credits, and from query-string. Maps and Dresses absorb credits from map-script and dress-script. Following credit keywords /.\ AVAILABLE CREDIT KEYS are supported. Core-bundled Skins have separate page for credits. Other Skins may be credited in Dress credit fields. Credits support dependence credits, like jQuery credits are nested in #@title@# description. As a general rule, original credits override wrapper. For example, if "original" collection-A is referred from maps of collection-B, then A-credits will be on top of display which will contain B-credits in subcredits fields.


Game crafter should not need debugging. If you feel this helps to publish the game, add URL-query parameter: ...&debug - enables debugging ...&debug=3 - traces path representation, parsing, and replays ...&debug=5 - traces interaction ...&debug=7 - album derivation Multiplication, enables both: ...&debug=15 Heavy debug may take too much browser resources. M i x i n g m a p s Whirly can convert maps of one game to play them in other game for two cases: #@Sokoban@# --> #@PullPush@#: Modified map and #@Sokoban@# --> #@Monkeyban@#: Modified map In such transformation, unit's breed may be changed; however, such transformations do not necessarily result in interesting games. (See settings of collection property sugar.do_colorize_randomly.)

Extending Whirly

.. means adding new type of interactions to interaction matrix. This requires reprogramming of scode. In simple cases like "push", "pull", "jump", ..., this job is done in sections ///\\\ push, ///\\\ pull, ///\\\ jump, ... Guide Beginnning #@WebSiteWithTitle@#: Version: #@version@# Date: #@date@# Copyright: #@copyright@# EMail: #@email@#
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