Lost and Rediscovered

In time, original developer lost application knowledge ... When job restarted, here are the most bright guesses: * Not all albums are listed. Appr. all are = gio.session.stemmed_albums Listed are in session.alist. To get into the list, there is a gatedog in derive.js: ( !sess.alist_by_key[ akey ] || going_to_overdefine ) && album.collections.length > 0 && // ( !gio.config.query.kids || album.env.kids ) && //TODM ( !gio.config.query.asingle || album.ref.list.listify_on_top || album.ref.list.penetrate_asingle ) asingle flag repells all other albums ... penetrate_asingle "flag" overrides this block; * core games are included as plain JavaScript files in head: def/albums/flocks/album.js * gui is structured in core/gui/entry.js ... ... specifically made in its gio.gui.init.entry
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